We have always been very passionate about Motorcross.

We have lived in Koh Samui for 15 years and have discovered the most beautiful places the island has to offer. This is a unique way to visit Samui and we would love to share this experience with you.

The best way to get deep inside the island is definitely the Quad bike experience. It's secure, comfortable and a sure way to experience the real adventure.

Therefore, we decided to create X Quad Samui ATV Tour, which presents you a unique and customized tour. This high-end excursion is very well-organized, with small groups and superb machines.

The professional guides will keep a reasonable pace to make you discover Koh Samui, many pathways, its stunning jungle, and some amazing view points. Don't forget about the refreshing swim at the magnificent waterfall.

Our team have both Thais and Western guides. Combining our culture and knowledge, X Quad's team will give you helpful information throughout the jungle excursion.

If you would like to know more about us, just book your "new way to discover Samui" with us!